The world of Fig

The global financial system is broken. Finance doesn't flow to profitable and trustworthy small businesses in emerging markets. This is a multi-trillion dollar gap.

Credit's missing piece

Companies providing services to these small businesses can plug this gap. They've been transacting with small businesses for years, and know who to trust with loans.

Fig connects these companies with global capital, and provides tools to help them lend better. Lenders on Fig can supercharge their pipeline with access to deals worth hundreds of millions.

Fig's team has built infrastructure and led strategy for leading banks, brands and protocols.

Our values


Know where you are in the process. View loan performance in real time.

Efficiency First

Fig cuts deal cycles from months and weeks, to days and hours.

Always Accessible

Connect with active lenders, or high yield opportunities, as and when you need.

Look no further! Our network is yours

We've collected the world's most active lenders onto one platform. The search is over. We'll find you a lender for every step of the journey.

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